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Charity for the Animals

Kyle is an animal lover and will go above and beyond for any animal.  He spends 6-8 hours everyday taking care of these animals.  "I feel like God has given me a gift to communicate with these animals to help them in any way possible."

The Pet Hui found out what Kyle does for all the animals at the Honolulu Country Club and decided to put on a show for the Pet Hui Show.

There are three Tennis/Pickleball Tournaments Kyle does to raise money for the stray animals.  Unfortunately, last year he wasn't able to do any fundraiser tournaments.  Hopefully he will be able to have these tournaments this year. These tournaments are July 4th Tournament (July 4), Labor Day Tournament (Sept 4), and Turkey Tournament (Nov 10).  All proceeds goes to pay for their food and medical expenses. 

If you would like to help Kyle care for these animals to help pay for their food and medical expenses, please click on my GoFundMe account.  

Mahalo ;-)