Adult Tennis Lessons

Private & Semi-Private Lessons
Emphasis is placed on development and correction of groundstrokes, volleys, serves, approach shots, overheads and lobs. Ultimately, the student will play a match against the instructor implementing the strokes learned.
Group Lessons
A multiple-week course in which the length and curriculum depends on the skill level of the student.  There are ten different skill levels (1.0 to 5.5) with four to eight students per class. Lessons will include stroke production, drilling, playing of points and strategy of the game.
Hitting with a Pro

A one hour one on one hitting session with one of my assistant K2TENS pro's.  During the hitting session, the pros will feed balls, rally and match play with you.

Fun Night Doubles (Adults and Juniors)

This program encourages good sportsmanship and friendship. You will experience playing doubles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. The format consists of two sets; no add scoring with a 12-point tie-breaker for the third set. Each team will consist of 6 to 8 players. Program runs for 7 weeks. 

Cardio Tennis (Adults and Juniors)

An exercise program with music. Consists of a series of drills designed to improve court coverage, quickness, balance, footwork, endurance, anticipation and hitting skills. The one- hour sessions run for five weeks with a maximum of ten students per class